Disclaimer: If you are not aware, this blog is the personal blog (Erin Apelu) I set up 3 years ago to post pictures I took of my boys and their friends playing football. As the years passed I began including all the varsity (as many as possible with my non-professional camera) and continued to post them on this blog. While I am aware that many of you might not see your picture on this blog (if you were playing that night), rest assured we (Aryana and myself) do try and get as much of the team as we are able to. The pictures near the end of each post are usually of my family, my kids and some of their friends. I include them on these posts because it is easier for everyone to copy whatever pictures they want without me having to send them all individually. Thanks--Erin Apelu!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 WAR ON 54 Tville Warriors vs Murray Spartan

What an AMAZING game last night!  Predicted to lose, the Warriors smashed the Spartans 43-14. War on 54 no more!

Enjoy some highlights!  Click the 'read more' to see all the pictures.

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